Premium Quality Proteins
Delivered Fresh

A curated subscription of fresh meats delivered to you weekly

The Meatmill Process

We hand-pack boxes with meats you can prepare and enjoy all week.

Product Selection

We work with local butcher shops to find what is best at the market that day. We hand-select products that live up to The Meatmill Promise

Curated Selection

Every week’s delivery is thoughtfully and lovingly curated to capture the best quality meats, seafood, and deli selections.

Delivered Fresh

Each delivery is cut and trimmed to perfection, packed for freshness, and delivered with care.

The Meatmill Promise

Our meat connoisseur in residence
selects prime grade meats and seafood, guaranteed to be:


All Natural

Minimally processed with no artificial flavors, colors, chemical preservatives, or additives.



Our burger patties, sausages, brats, and seasoned and marinated meats are all hand-made by butchers.


Sustainable Seafood

We source wild and farm-raised seafood that is sustainable and doesn’t compromise the health of the vibrant ecosystems of our oceans.


Free-Range Poultry

These birds get plenty of sunshine and exercise, as well as a diet rich in vegetables.


Locally Sourced

Meatmill’s products are sourced fresh from trusted local butcher shops and seafood markets.


Delivered Fresh

Every shipment will arrive chilled, fresh, and ready to cook.

Their Lips to Your Ears

Reviews from our subscribers

“I was thrilled with the consistent high-quality of the deliveries I’ve gotten. The delivery drivers keep in touch so I knew when to expect them.”

Daniel D.

“Meatmill has brought me more compliments on my meals from my family in two months, than I’ve gotten in 6 years! Extremely satisfied.”

Eva K.

“Always able to talk to a real person if I have an issue or a question, and the service reps are really polite, and went well out of their way to meet my strict dietary requests.”

Amanda M.

From Trusted Local Butchers

We turn to experts in meats to source and prepare our incredible selections. Butchers hand-select and trim the finest cuts for your table.